What We Do




Providing you with cutting-edge vegetation establishment mulch (VEM), at the best prices. 'HydroStraw - All In 1 (BFM)' - Covering all your needs in it's easy, one-step application process.



Providing the latest, flexible and cost-effective erosion control & slope protection solutions. Follow specifications while eliminating costly earthmoving work with our latest products.



Licensed importers of certified U.S. seed. Giving you unparalleled access to the U.S. market. Preformulated mixes or individual species with more species & varieties coming soon.



With strong connections to both U.S. and Chinese equipment manufacturers, our team will guide you to the best choice of equipment for your specific requirements.



We work in partnership with you to give you the best service. With flexible solutions to ensure you the best service at the lowest possible cost.



We offer both ‘Complete Solutions’ & ‘Supported Self-Installation’ both solutions are adaptable to individual requirements to ensure the best solution for customers individual needs.


“Fast Establishing”, “Flexible Solutions” & “Consistently Good Service”
That’s what customers say about Green Acres’ products and solutions and those are the benefits that you will enjoy when you choose to work with us.
Take control of your greening & erosion control project using a Green Acres Solution that sets you up for success.

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What we do

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Green Acres is made up of a variety of skilled individuals. Formulating a well-rounded team that handle any variety of problem that might arise and can train your team to as well, for those using our ‘Supported Self-Installation’ System. Our skill sets range from Ph.D.’s in Plant Breeding and Genetics, to project management and logistics, all the way through to our highly trained on the ground technicians. Making sure we have our bases covered.

In addition, the highly experienced teams from both HydroStraw and Summit Seed also play a huge role in what we do here. From supplying us with their top quality products through to assisting with our training programs for specific knowledge sharing when needed. We are very pleased to say they are all very much key members of the Green Acres team.

Being made up of all these factors means no matter what your inquiry, we can help with a Green Acres Solution.



HydroStraw products SAVE Time and Money

Our All In One Mulch Solution require a ONE-STEP process compared to the usual multiple-steps of other hydroseeding mulches. Making it a fast and cost effective solution while also addressing the three factors that determine soil health: Physical, Biological, and Chemical conditions.

We’re glad to be adding SiltSoxx to our range which really work well in tandem with our current product line up. Compost filter socks used in check dams, perimeter control, inlet protection, filter rings and more. It's a three dimensional tubular mesh device designed to support stormwater management, sediment & erosion control and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs). This product can eliminate the requirement for earth works for erosion control requirements. Not only is it more effective but it also comes at a significantly lower cost.

Additionally we’re also adding Lockdown Netting to our product list to provide a more cost effective alternative to the costly geo-textile products our customers are often forced to work with. This product is a great alternative to other geo-textiles especially when used along hydroseeding as it allows for more seed to soil contact which ultimately improves establishment without compromising soil stability.



Finding a reliable source of quality seed for successful vegetation establishment is not always easy, so we've done the work for you though. Our Research and Development Team in the U.S. at Summit Seed a highly acclaimed seed & turf supplier in the Americas engineer custom mixes of seed for us in the Southeast Asian hydroseeding market. These are produced after performing soil tests to provide quality seed blended to cover the general requirements found in this region of the world. We have standard mixes but also can offer site-specific mixes if needed.

To offer you a wide variety of high-quality seed for a range of purposes, we are working with multiple local companies to source reliable quality local species seed to use in conjunction with the U.S. seed we predominantly rely on. Currently, we can only offer local species seasonally and depending upon availability.



Different hydroseeding and erosion control requirements require different sizes and types of equipment. We’ve put the time into developing strong ties to both U.S. and Chinese manufacturers so you don’t have to. You can count on us to ensure you're getting quality equipment. Deciding what models are right for you can also be a challenge though. You can count on our team of engineers to recommend the equipment to match your needs. With a variety of equipment that can reduce your per-project costs, it's definitely worth evaluating getting set up and taking control of your own requirements. We won't lead you wrong.